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10 Best Water Softeners Consumer Reports 2022 REVIEWS

When the world is progressing, the water under the soil is turning to hard water because the industries do not dispose of the wastes properly. The chemicals such as calcium and magnesium sweep down on Earth and contribute to the contamination of water.  

Water is the basic necessity of every house, whether for cooking, washing, or drinking; none of the duties can be done without water. Even the existence of humans is possible on Earth just because of water.

Because hard water affects not only the skin and hairs but also shower systems, faucets, and home appliances. For solving these issues, different brands have introduced different water softener systems in the market.

But if a person thinks of buying a water softener system it becomes confusing for him which will be the best match for his house as there is a diverse variety of water softeners.

 For this, we have surveyed among the water softening systems and derive a list of the topmost demandable and efficient water softeners of 2020. In this article, the best water softeners are discussed so that when buying one, you have clear and cut information about each water softener that will suit your budget and requirements or not.

1. AFWFilters

If you need a quality water softener with unmatchable services and easy and quick installation, AFWFilters is one of the best options for you. The working of this water softener is based on a meter-based regeneration system. 

The used water is always measured, and the quantity of used water decides the amount of water needed to be regenerated. If you utilize a small amount of water, a small amount of water will be restored by the system and the same as the consumption of high amounts of water.

The USB drive of AFWFilters aids in the quick installation of the water softening system. You have to purchase connectors and plumbing hoses that fit the current plumbing configuration of your house. 

There are some flaws of the AFWFilters as it is a salt-based water softener, so the towing of salt nags is a tiresome duty. Some of the people dislike salt added water.

  • Valve with five-years warranty
  • Tanks with ten years warranty
  • Metered based regeneration system
  • Requires salt for functioning

2. Tier1

One of the best water softeners is The Tier1 48,000. It owns an excellent turbine meter built-in the bypass valve, which plays an integral role in overcoming the floor’s space issue up to 4 feet. The prominent features of Tier1 are a digital meter control valve with LCD.

The LCD shows the accurate information about the system. It is easy to install, and its fitting connections include the brine line, mineral tank, and drain line. The adapter and bypass valve are for the accuracy in the functioning of the water softener.

Some of the pros and cons of Tier1 are mentioned below:

  • Accessible in setup and within budget
  • LCD is user friendly
  • Notable critical features of head valve
  • Instructions for installation are manual and unclear
  • Needs salt for proper function

3. Eco Pure

Eco Pure will rank among the best water softeners because it has some of the most magnificent features. One can easily install it at home by himself/herself. Eco Pure has a two-in-one hybrid system. 

This hybrid system helps in water softening and impacts the filtration of impurities from the water. Resultantly the quality of water elevates to a high level, and it becomes much healthier for drinking.

But all the qualities do not mean it will be out of your reach due to high prices. The affordable price of Eco Pure makes it more demandable in the market and an attractive option for people. The performance proficiency imparts the leading role in the demand for this water softener system. 

The drawbacks of Eco Pure are almost negligible. The quality of the material used in the manufacturing of the system is not fair enough. Because the plastic used in the system is not suitable, this factor forces people not to buy this.

Some of the pros and cons of the Ecopure are:

  • Easy installation
  • Reasonable price
  • Two in one hybrid system
  • Tanks warranty of ten-years
  • Electronics warranty of three- years
  • Poor plastic quality

4. Pelican Salt-Free

The Pelican NS3 NaturSoft Salt-Free water softener system is useful in removing the hardness of the water. This water softener’s features involve scale reduction, maintenance-free, premium, no-salt water softener, and conditioner with scale prevention of 99.6%.

The Pelican Salt-Free helps moisturize the hair and skin, give them a more attractive look, prolong the appliance life span, protect plumbing from severe damage, and soften the fabric, leaving them a brighter look. 

The pros and cons of the Pelican NS3 NaturSoft Salt-Free water softener system are the following:

  • Performance guarantee of five-years
  • Satisfaction guarantee with 90 days
  • Easy installation
  • Modes of Pelican are programmable
  • Faces difficulty in the replacement of carbon media
  • Unable to remove minerals
  • If the water hardness is severe, it will not effectively work

5. Pentair WS48

The Pentair water softener has 1.5 ft.³ high capacity resin, which involves the ion exchange process, basically removing calcium and magnesium ions for reducing hardness from the water.  

You can prolong the lifespan of home appliances and plumbing by purging the stagnant water. Pentair has a meter-based regeneration for used water measurement and regenerates it only when there is a need.

Pentair WS48 offers you a sanitizer pack, hardness test strip, water bottles as a gift, lubricant, and a USB drive with instructions for the quick set up of the water softener. Pentair WS48 has the given pros and cons:

  • Best for the public water which has high amounts of chlorine
  • Valve with a five-year warranty
  • Softens 75 gallons of water in a single minute
  • Long-lasting and reliable
  • Expensive
  • Poorly written instructions
  • Requires salt for working properly
  • Plastic is used in the bypass valve
  • Lacks the shutting off the main power supply

6. Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener

Fleck 5600SXT48,000 Grain Water Softener eliminates the water hardness responsible for reducing soap efficiency and scale buildup. The extra long-life resin adds up in the durability of the Fleck 5600SXT. 

The Fleck 5600SXT uses an ion exchanger process to remove water hardness due to magnesium and calcium ions. It owns a meter-based regeneration process for the measuring of water. This system helps in the regeneration of water often when required.

The SXT controller of this water softener has some distinguishing features. Some of them are 48-hour internal power backup, touchpad controls, user-friendly interface, and backlit LCD.

Pros and cons of Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener are:

  • Within budget
  • Booklet for installation guidelines
  • Durable material is used in manufacturing
  • Resin with high capacity
  • Lacks the indicator for informing the low concentration of salt
  • You have to purchase the drainage tubes separately
  • Heavy and bulky salt bags

7. Whirlpool WHES30

The Whirlpool WHES30 is an ideal water softener for families looking for a consistent technique for softening water. It has the astounding capability of removing the mineral stains.

The system is beneficial for cloth washing as due to this, the washing machine requires less detergent. Resultantly the fabric remains softer with bright colors. It possesses a low salt indicator light and effectively works on wells and city water.  

The electronics programs are simple and easy to use. Whirlpool inevitably calculates the salt and water amount required to regenerate. This saved salt and water is only used when it is necessary. Quite a large amount of water and salt is collected in this way.

Whirlpool WHES30 has the mentioned-below pros and cons:

  • Effectively softens the water
  • Certified from NSF
  • Designed in a way to save space
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Efficient running of the water softening system
  • It is not an ideal water softener for a family with more than five people
  • The bypass valve has clips made of plastic for holding purposes

8. Genesis 2

Genesis 2 will be the best match for you if you are looking for a high-performance water softener with extraordinary features and fast and easy installation. Genesis 2 amazingly saves 75% on salt and 64% less water, which sets a challenging standard for other water softeners.

The turbine meter is incorporated in the bypass valve. The brine tank can store up to 200 lbs. of salt. The control valve of Genesis 2 has adjustable cycles, spacer design, proven seal, and electronic sensors.

The wastewater is flushed automatically after seven days with the Automatic System Refresh. This water softening system is useful in the prevention of bacterial growth. Following are the pros and cons of Genesis 2 water softener

  • Warranty of seven years for control head and a lifetime warranty for resin tank
  • Electronic sensors
  • The turbine meter is incorporated into the valve
  • Seal is proven
  • Much expensive

9. APEC Futura

APEC Futura water softening system is an excellent, all-in-one water softener that will solve all your water hardening problems. It is not that much tackling in installation, so one does not require to pay extra charges for installing the water softener in the house.

The plus point of this system is that it does not need salt for the functioning. People who dislike drinking salt water can install it at their homes, which is also an excellent conditioner for plants.  It neutralizes the minerals completely, and the quality of water elevates to a high point. 

To mention, it does not need expensive maintenance and electricity for functioning. It also plays an active role in reducing the health risks and upgrades the cardiovascular system by the clean and healthy water it produces.  

Moving towards the downside of this APEC Futura water softening system, there is no flaw in expecting the product’s price. Futura’s cost is too much that most people can’t afford it and it is the only drawback which forces people to think not to buy it.

But the extraordinary qualities it possesses compensates the budget it offers. So the pros and cons of APEC Futura are:

  • Warranty of ten-years
  • Does not need electricity and salt for functioning
  • Valid for the cardiovascular system and reduces health problems
  • Neutralizes the minerals
  • Highly expensive

10. NuvoH2O

The NuvoH2O water softener functions with a spectacular technology that downgrades water hardness effectively and abruptly.

The science behind the working of this water softener is that it involves the process of chelation. The chief mineral ions of calcium and magnesium responsible for water hardness are treated with the agent’s effectiveness in mixing the minerals, and resultantly the water hardening problem reduces to zero.

The NuvoH2O softener offers you a mounting backplate, booklet, screws, mounting bracket, and wrench. The pros and cons of NuvoH2O are:

  • Compact design
  • Approved from FDA and NSF
  • Do not require electricity and salt for functioning
  • No wastewater
  • The system can fail if the fitting is over tightened
  • Places with a wood-fired boiler or closed-loop recirculation systems should not use it


To conclude, I will only say that when buying a product, whether it is a water softener or anything, please properly research them.

You should spend some time reading the articles or booklets of a variety of brands to have the product which suits your requirements, health, and budget. Water is directly related to our health, so there should be no compromise in the selection of a water softener.

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