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10 Best Shower Filters Consumer Reports 2022 | Reviews

If you notice dry skin or frizzy hair right after the shower, it may be due to the water that you use during the shower. Polluted water affects us in many ways. It makes your skin dry and causes frizziness in your hair. 

Polluted water may contain numerous chemicals such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and debris. Tap water also contains large amounts of minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. These minerals are responsible for lime formation.

Chlorine is used to clean water and kill pathogens. However, chlorine killing property affects your skin. It kills bacteria that grow naturally on our skin. These bacteria are essential to us. Without them, our skin lost resistance to many diseases.

List Of 10 Best Shower Filters

To overcome these issues, you must choose a good shower filter for your home. With the growing industries, pollution is also increasing. To overcome these issues in your life, our team has conducted thorough research and provides you top ten products that help you find the right shower filter for yourself.

1. 15-Stage Shower Filter with Vitamin C For Hard Water

This must-have water filter removes chloramine, chlorine, and fluoride, and some heavy metals from the water. This shower filter inhibits the growth of scale in your bath-tub. The removal of chlorine from water is its best feature as the water will improve your state of the skin. 

It will care about the health of your nails, hair, skin. This feature will make this filter suitable for kids and pets. The shower filter can be placed overhead, rainfall, handheld, and combo shower heads for versatile home use. It is a perfect shower filter that saves your home from dirty water.

This water filter will be suitable for those homes that have less water pressure. It will not reduce existing water pressure. This filter acts as a purifier, moisturizer, water softener and provides you the best feeling for sensitive skin body wash. 

The shower filter provides you clean water for up to 6 months by having the capacity of the cartridge 10,000 gallons of water. It contains two cartridges that last for about a whole year.

  • It does not change the water pressure
  • Last for about a year
  • Versatile Home Use
  • Does not remove other elements as it removes chlorine
  • Does not change the hardness of water

2. Berkey Shower Filter

The Berkey shower filter does not come with a showerhead, so you have a chance to use your previous one. This water filter reduces up to 95% of chlorine from the water. It also reduces chemical absorption and vapor inhalation. 

The most admirable thing about this filter is its longevity. The Berkey shower filter will last approx one year. It perfectly reduces lime, mold, scale, and fungi in the showers. 

This filter comes with a back-flush attachment that prevents premature clogging. However, it is recommended that we do not use it with a shut-off valve.

  • Good longevity
  • Reduces 95% of chlorine from the water
  • Reduces lime, mold, fungi
  • Heavyweight
  • It might not be ideal for children

3. Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered

This Culligan wall-mounted filtered showerhead provides a shower with clean and pure water that makes your skin and hair softer and cleaner. The filter life of this showerhead filter is six months depending on filtration load and usage.  

The best feature of this shower filter is that it includes a WHR-140 filter cartridge that reduces sulfur odor. It also removes chlorine and scale from water. It consists of a Teflon tape, a cartridge reminder sticker, and installation instructions.

Patented filter media bacteriostatic minimizes the growth of bacteria and limits passage. This model is not only easy to use, but it is also easy to install. You just have to replace it with your old showerhead and replace it with the filter.

  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Minimizes growth of bacteria
  • Remove sulfur, chlorine from water
  • It lowers the water pressure

4. Filtered Hand Held Shower

Apart from other shower filters, this Bath & Relax handheld shower filter comes with the bioactive mineral stone that purifies water and removes the maximum kind of impurities. This rejuvenates your skin, prevents hair loss, and improves the cleansing effect.

The filter has included three filters that remove over 98% of chlorine. The removal of chlorine from water results in a healthy shower that helps you maintain smoother, healthier, and most important clearer skin. 

This filter helps you to restore balance as it comes with the purifying effect of bioactive stones. This shower filter is designed with three shower modes that are rainfall, massage, and jetting.

These three modes and three layers of filters in the showerhead gives you a Spa shower experience in your bathroom. The filter has a water-saving feature as it comes with a micro nozzle mechanism that saves almost 30% of water. 

Moreover, the installation of this filter is super easy. You just have to connect it with any standard hose.

  • Water-saving feature
  • Removes 98% of chlorine
  • Three shower modes provide you Spa shower experience
  • Three layers of filter remove maximum chlorine from water
  • Not a well-built product

5. Aquasana AQ-4100NSH Deluxe Shower

The most reliable brand in the list of shower filters without any doubt is Aquasana. They provide only high-quality shower filters. This filter is also one of the best models. It removes almost all kinds of impurities from water and gives you the pleasure of shower only in pristine water.

This filter removes hydrogen sulfide, iron, lead, mercury, and other pesticides and herbicides. It reduces harmful chlorine from water and gives you more moisturized skin and healthier hair. 

The Aquasana Deluxe water Filter system removes breathable chemicals from your shower steam for better quality air when you are taking a shower. It also keeps water pressure secure with the help of its up-flow design and dual-stage filtration. It lasts for up to 6 months.

  • Long-lasting filter
  • The best product that removes most of the chlorine from water
  • Price is good enough
  • May leaks between the filter and the connector
  • Does not remove chloramine from water

6. Luxury Filtered Shower

This is a top-rated showerhead filter and is composed of premium metal. The shower filter has a 15-stages shower filter that removes maximum impurities from the water. This filter reduces chlorine, rust, heavy metals, sand, and other impurities of the water. 

The filter consists of KDF 55, activated carbon, alkaline ceramic balls, calcium sulfite, and other filtering materials. These all ensure the best purification of water. The installation of the luxury filtered shower head is so easy and takes only a few minutes. 

In the installation of this shower filter, no tool is required. The package includes a shower filter, a premium gift box containing 5 shower caps, and Teflon tape.

  • 15-stages shower filter
  • Top-rated shower filter composed of heavy metals
  • Includes five shower caps and Teflon tape
  • Does not filter hard water as it causes pressure build-up that may break its head

7. Kohler 30646-CP Aquifer Shower Water

This shower filter is one of the best options for handheld showerheads. It is designed in such a way that it reduces odor and chlorine in the water.

 The shower filter reduces the amount of chlorine, controls scale, removes odor, and inhibits the growth of bacteria and algae from the water. 

The advanced design of this filter reduces skin dryness and irritation. It also purifies water in such a way that it remains gentle on your hair. The filter is easily attached to the most exposed shower valves, wall elbows, and hand shower hoses.

  • Filter out chlorine
  • Maintain water flow
  • Not ideal for hard water

8. Sprite HE7-CM Hand-Held Pure 7 Setting Shower Filter

The best handheld option in the shower filter is Sprite HE7-CM that comes with seven different spray settings. The settings are full massage, full coarse, full spray, massage spray, coarse spray, power mist, and massage mist. This filter gives you Spa shower experience in your home. 

The shower fits most of the existing showers. It is designed with Chlorgon media that helps to reduce chlorine, odors, sediments, and metals. The lifespan of this shower filter is up to 6 months or 5000 gallons. It includes one HHC filter and has a chrome finish.

  • Best handheld shower filter
  • Seven different spray settings
  • Chrome finish
  • Less lifespan

9. Vitamin C Filter Shower

Numerous shower filters infuse Vitamin C into the water, but this handheld shower filter stands out. The reason is that it adds a soothing citrus scent in the water. This Vitamin C filter showerhead includes three lemon bars to add the scent and makes water fresh and pleasant.

This soothing scent revitalizes the senses, improves mood, sleep quality, and relieves stress. It also helps in removing sweat odor, removing itching, dry scalp, and dandruff. 

It is a high-pressure showerhead that has high water pressure up to 2.5 GPM. This high pressure immerses you in a stable yet robust body shower that effectively removes muscle fatigue and gives you the ultimate shower experience.

As this is a Vitamin C filter, it removes chlorine, chloramine, sulfur, sediment, fluorine, ammonia odor. It can also soften hard water by filtering 99.9% of lead, rust, chromium, iron, and heavy metals. 

The shower filter is a secure installation device that easily connects to any universal-sized shower arm within a few minutes. Further, the installation requires no tool. It is suitable for any standard shower that includes wall-hanging, combined, rain-falling, double-spray, fixed, and handheld shower.

This shower filter package includes one handheld showerhead, three lemon balms, mixed filter balls, a user manual, a lifetime warranty, and a free replacement service provides by the manufacturer.

  • Lifelong warranty
  • Three lemon balms
  • 99.9% impurities filtration
  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance not required
  • Too much pressure
  • Cause frizziness, not recommended for the people who have curly hair

10. Culligan ISH-100 Inline Showerhead

This one is indeed the best inline option that provides you ideal water for a cleaner and softer skin and hair. This Culligan showerhead includes a WHR-140 filter that reduces sulfur odor from your water. 

This also removes chlorine and scale from your water and gives you healthy water to bath with. It has a patented filter media bacteriostatic that will limit passage and growth of bacteria in water. This showerhead filtration also includes Teflon tape and a change reminder sticker.  

This Culligan filter is easy to install that fits most standard showerheads. The filter is not as bulky as some of the other shower filters are. This inline model is NSF-certified that works with your existing showerhead. 

It combines oxidation-reduction technology and activated carbon to filter out contaminants and reduce bacteria. The KDF filter removes up to 97% chlorine from the water.

The showerhead filter has a life of 6 months or approx 10,000 gallons. The presence of the filter truly depends on your usage and filtration load.

  • Easy to install
  • Removes 97% chlorine
  • Removes sulfur odor from water
  • NSF-certified
  • Affordable
  • Has some leaking issues


To conclude this article, I would suggest you do thorough research before reaching a final decision. Our article will take time to read, but it gives you an answer to your queries. We suggest you first find your requirement, budget, and health and then reach your best shower filter’s last name.

The selection of a right shower filter is as necessary as water. Because water is an essential part of our daily life, and if it is not pure or, in other words, full of impurities, it will destroy your health. The purified water for shower is also essential as it directly affects your skin, hair, and health.

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